Acquisition Directorate (CG-9)

Not to be confused with Deepwater the Acuisition Directorate is the lead on all items being purchased for the Coast Guard.

What is CG-9

The Coast Guard’s newly formed Acquisition Directorate stands at the leading edge of the commandant’s effort to create a full-service mission support organization by 2009. As part of the mission support organization, the Acquisition Directorate consolidates:

Office of Acquisition (G-A)
Program Executive Officer, Integrated Deepwater System (G-D)
Office of Procurement Management (CG-85)
Office of Research, Development and Technical Management (CG-66)
Research and Development Center
Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA)

In 2006, the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Adm. Thad W. Allen, outlined his strategic vision for the service in 10 Commandant’s Intent Action Orders, or modernization and transformation initiatives. The first CIAO called for the consolidation of the acquisition directorate, “to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of [the Coast Guard’s] total acquisition system.”

Blueprint for Acquisition Reform

In support of the Commandant’s vision, the acquisition community developed the Blueprint for Acquisition Reform, which is strategic direction for restructuring the enterprise to strengthen procurement and contracting, and optimize the management of a $27 billion investment portfolio that includes eight programs and more than 20 major projects, as well as acquisition services. This investment portfolio supports the Coast Guard’s core missions of maritime safety, security and stewardship.

Acquisition Directorate Organization

CG-91 Head of Contract Activity

The Director of Contracting and Procurement, designated as the Head of the Contracting Activity, is aligned within the Acquisition Directorate to be responsible for overarching contracting policy for the entire Coast Guard. The Commandant has directed that more effective relationships be forged among acquisition professionals –including contract specialists and program managers– in order to ensure program requirements, laws and regulations, executive orders, and other procedures are met in program and project contracts. CG-91 includes the offices of contract operations and procurement policy & oversight.
CG-92 Director of Acquisition Services

The Director of Acquisition Services/Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition is responsible for supporting program management processes, including new-starts, cost estimation, risk assessment, financial management, corporate outreach, training & certification, and other tasks for each program or project. CG-92’s organization includes offices for acquisition workforce management; international acquisition programs; acquisition support; strategic planning & communications; resource management; and research, development test & evaluation (which includes a field activity, the R&D Center).
CG-93 Program Director

The Director Acquisition Programs also serves as the Program Executive Officer and is responsible for overarching project management and execution, and is supported by CG-91 and CG-92. CG-93 includes the acquisition programs (also called product lines) and project managers, who oversee the development and delivery of assets and systems that address Coast Guard and DHS requirements in all functional domains, including aviation, surface, C4IT (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology), and logistics.

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